Your working environment stretches on vast spaces?

On large worksites (logistics and industrial sites, airports, train stations, exhibition halls...) your co-workers have to travel long and frequent distances on foot. These travels represent constraints for which HUBLEX can provide support:

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You wish to improve work efficiency?

Daily travels reduce the time you can spend on the heart of your mission.


You wish to enhance working health conditions?

Daily travels expose you to repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and are source of demotivation.

With its professional gyropod,
HUBLEX offers a complete solution:

An analysis of your neEds of mobility

Our tech and sales teams are here to help evaluate custom solutions adapted to your worksite.

A professional mobility tool

The HUBLEX gyropod fits perfectly to your working environment thanks to its technical specifications:

  • Get on in less than 5 minutes
  • Optimised manoeuvrability
  • Low track, under 40cm
  • Light, under 12kg
  • Available 24/7 thanks to its fast swappable battery

A quality after-sales service

We provide our support for the entire length of your contract:

  • Putting the vehicles into service
  • User training
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance

A custom financing

Whatever your need, HUBLEX proposes two offers:

  • Long-term rental (LTR)
    Rental under 36 to 60 contracts include service provision ensuring the continuous availability of the professional gyropod fleet.
    Intrust the financing of your gyropod fleet with our financial partner LOCAM.
  • Acquisition option
    Purchasing a HUBLEX professional gyropod is an investment for the futur of your company.
    After the purchase, HUBLEX provides all the assistance you will need.
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To each job its HUBLEX gyropod!

The HUBLEX professional gyropods
designed for specific jobs


Service continuity 24/7, 365 days per year
Personel safety and other pedestrians
Travel optimisation
Access narrow areas
Accessories designed for your job